Rebecca Thompson Coaching

About me

Life Coach

6/2 emotional projetor + reiki master

I am a life coach qualified in RTC® therapeutic coaching, a Reiki Master, and a projector who uses the human design system to guide my clients according to their design.



I am living as the real me, so you get to see firsthand what it looks like. I’m a 6/2 emotional projector with desire motivation and an incarnation cross that allows me to see how you’re not being true to yourself and to provoke change for the better. That means I see the real you. My motivation aligns with my mission to higher collective consciousness.




Working with me means slowing down and paying attention to your inner world, because that’s where you meet the real you. 



Honesty is one of my top values. That means that when we work together, I will always be upfront and tell you that you will get out what you put in. There is no quick fix when it comes to deconditioning from the not-self, and healing subconscious programming, limiting beliefs, and trauma. 

It took your whole life to condition you into being someone you are not without you even realizing, so you shouldn’t expect to change it overnight. You can change, but you have to be willing to dig deep, and stay conscious in a world that wants you to stay unconscious. If you do feel empowered to follow this path, I will be there to guide you every step of the way. 



Above all, I am here to provoke truth, so I can promise that is what you will always get from me.

My Journey

My intuition is my most potent gift. I see you. The real you.

Overcoming narcissistic abuse

My self-development journey began when I discovered Reiki in 2015. I studied and qualified as a Reiki Master, and that sparked a spiritual awakening. Around that time I was also in an emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissist. My self-worth was non-existent. I was miserable, and tapping into my lack of self-love prompted me to start opening my eyes to the illusion of love that wasn’t real. When I left, the illusion shattered and I realized I had escaped a karmic bond where I had been covertly emotionally abused. We call ourselves survivors of narcissistic abuse because the stark reality is that not everybody survives this type of covert abuse. The superpower I gained from the experience was that I will never put another person’s needs over my self-worth and self-love again. I took time to do some deep healing, and once I had rebuilt my self-worth to the point that I would rather be alone than settle for anything less than soulmate love, my future husband appeared. I know for sure that my narcissistic relationship was an essential stepping stone in my soul’s development. I had learned what red flags looked like, and what a healthy relationship with myself and others looked like, and I had gained the superpower of laser vision to see what is real. The effects of narcissistic abuse are long-lasting, and while it is absolutely essential to spend time alone after such a toxic relationship, once you enter a new relationship there is still deep healing to be done. You will be learning to trust yourself again, as well as trust the other person, and it may take a while to let your guard down. Having been through this, my mission is to support other people who have been through narcissistic abuse, whatever stage of their journey they are at, and help them to rebuild the healthy self-worth they deserve.



Falling in love with self-development

I used many modalities to heal my psyche, including therapy, coaching, poetry, journalling, and meditation. Even now, I am in love with self-development and the idea of getting to know myself better. I think if every human being took the time to shine a light on their shadows so they can embrace the full embodiment of their true self, the world would be a better place. Along the way I fell in love with RTC, Human Design, Abraham Hicks teachings, and Meditation — all of which I have studied and now teach. I had read every self-help book on the market and used every journaling prompt and meditation available to man by the time I found human design and RTC. What all of the systems I came across had in common is that they are all leading us home to our true self. Whether we call it our soul, our higher selves, our design, source energy, or the real you, doesn’t matter. We are talking about the same thing, and all of these systems are tools to help us see the most real and raw version of ourselves, and step into the power that gives us. Self-worth is gained by understanding who you really are, and accepting yourself with all of your beautiful flaws. As a recovering perfectionist, I promise you that perfection is not a healthy thing to strive for.


Realising that this shit works

Throughout my training what I discovered was that by using RTC techniques on myself, and using it alongside the mechanics of my human design, I transformed more powerfully than I ever had with any other healing work, even though I had already been on a self-development journey for years. So, I decided to combine everything I know to create a program that can truly help people achieve LASTING change and purpose in their life. For a long time I only told half of my story. I left out the part about the narcissistic relationship. However, looking back, that was the key to understanding what self-love was. Without having my self-worth crumbled by another person, I may never have known how important it is to be the only keeper of the keys to your own worth, and I wouldn’t be the strong, empowered, happy woman I am today. For all of these reasons, I feel a calling to use my past to help others.

Why Work With Me?

The type of coaching I do — RTC® — combines therapy and coaching in a powerful way. It is a blend of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) and Transformational Coaching®. This technique was created by the amazing Marisa Peer, who taught me everything she knows during my training with her.

Being a Projector, I have the gift of seeing others clearly. I am here to lead a new paradigm, and for my coaching practice and my clients that means using human design to help them see the mechanics of who they are. RTC and Human Design combined ensures that you are meeting the real you, understanding how to follow the right strategy to stay in alignment with your true self, AND heal the conditioning and subconscious beliefs that keep you stuck in your not-self. This is truly a new era of conscious healing we are entering into in 2023, and I know I’m here to guide you through it.

RTC & RTT® combines principles from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, hypnotherapy tools, and neuroscience to create a uniquely powerful therapy method. This allows us to access the limiting beliefs you created as a child. From this level of understanding of your past, it is easier to see how your mind works, how those limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck as an adult, and how you can make the choice to gain power over your own mind, body, and soul to move forward in your present and create a better future.


Meeting the real you, so you can start to live in alignment is a very personal thing. I offer a safe space where you can explore that and have whatever support you need to do so, from somebody who has been there. My programs are specifically designed with these elements in mind, to help you live a life full of self-love, authenticity, purpose, and meaning.

Let's get started...

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make, and I would argue that it is essential to invest in your self-development if you want to build live an authentically aligned life, in accordance with your higher purpose. Building self-worth comes from knowing who you really are. In my experience, there are a couple of key ingredients to finding your true self, living authentically, and healing any subconscious fears that hold you back.

_ finding the right therapist/coach to support and guide you

_ somatic healing to release trauma

— following your human design type, strategy and authority 

— getting clear on your values and shaping your life around them

— healing self-limiting beliefs put in place by your inner child who was taught it’s not safe to be your true self

— committing to new daily habits that will help you live as consciously as possible

_ setting strong boundaries for how you will allow others to treat you

_ getting clarity on the past and using the lessons to help you thrive