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Meet the Real You
3 Months Private Coaching

Signature Package

I am living as the real me, so you get to see what it looks like firsthand.

Who were you before your parents/teachers/peers told you who to be?
☞ Who are you when nobody is in the room?
That’s the real you. 

When we work together you get my aura fully focused on you during our calls, and unlimited access to me via messaging for the duration of our contract.

Working with me means slowing down and paying attention to your inner world, so you can really connect with yourself.

Why do you use human design?

Because I’m not just a coach, I’m a 6/2 emotional projector with desire motivation and an incarnation cross that allows me to see how you’re not being true to yourself and to provoke change for the better. That means I see the real you. Human Design has helped me live in deeper alignment with who I am. My type is relevant, and so is yours, because I use it to coach you in the way that works best for you specifically. Knowing your human design type, strategy and authority can help you start observing when you are living consciously so you can start becoming more self-aware and living in your design… as the real you. When you are living in the persona of who you were told to be you don’t let subconscious programming and conditioning lead you.

What do you do?

I help you meet your true self and start living as the real you more often. I help you start to decondition and unravel the subconscious programming that is keeping you living as your not-self. I guide you to be true to yourself and your design, and less conditioned by who other people want you to be. One of the problems I see (that keeps people living their lives on autopilot as their not-self) is this constant need to keep busy. I don’t encourage you to set goals that feel unachievable to you, or give you another to-do-list, leading to you seeking external validation that never brings you inner peace. Instead, I like to focus on a slow-paced approach to setting you up to step into your power, and free yourself of the chains of subconscious negative programming, so you can start to live a life full of purpose. When you see the real you, your life is automatically filled with much more drive, self-awareness, purpose, and meaning.

How do you do it?  

I guide you according to your human design type, and using Rapid Transformational Coaching & Therapy to address any self-limiting beliefs that come up as you unravel who you are not, and become more of who you are.

How long is the program? 

We will have 3 months of weekly coaching calls + unlimited access to messaging support. After 3 months, if you still require support, you will have the option of subscribing to monthly check-ins and app access on a rolling subscription.

Instead of rushing through life, seeking external validation that never brings us inner peace, what if we recognised that embodying the REAL you is a lifelong journey?

The pace? 

I want you to work at your own pace so I can take the right approach to setting you up to step into your power, and free yourself of the chains of subconscious negative programming, so you can  start to live a life full of purpose.  When you work with me I help you start making the small shifts required to start living in alignment with who you really are. This is different for every client, and it takes time. We may work at a slow pace at first, unraveling the conditioning and catching glimpses of the real you, and then it may all unfold at a very fast pace once you make those small changes in your everyday life.


Why do you use a mix of therapy, coaching, and human design in this way?

Because I believe that sometimes we hold on to conditioning from the outside world and store it in our subconscious mind, and it becomes habit. Conditioning of your undefined centres is normal. However we need to decondition regularly. If we don’t, these habits keep us living in the not-self and hiding away the true self, until we become aware of it. To live in your truth, free from conditioning and self-limiting beliefs, you’ve got to both know who you really are (human design) AND tackle the things that are stopping you embodying your true nature (therapy and coaching).

How do I know if I’m living as the real me or not? 

AWARENESS. You get to know yourself better and you learn to observe yourself. When you direct your goals toward what brings you joy and purpose, instead of what you THINK you should be doing in life, or what everybody else is doing, or what your parent or favourite teacher told you to do, you get true fulfilment. That’s when you’re living as the real you.

How can you help me be MORE me? 

I help you see yourself clearly. I guide you to observe and understand who you are and what you want. To do this, you must slow down and pay attention to your inner world and examine your belief system, values, thoughts, habits, and patterns that may be there since childhood. You must be willing to see the societal conditioning that plays a part in you putting on this persona of who you think you should be, and then you must be brave enough to decondition. I can help you do that. To understand who we are at our core, we must become aware of the subconscious programming driving our lives, creating a personality and a narrative that isn’t really us, and bring it to consciousness. I can help you see, but you must be willing to see the truth that we are all conditioned, and will continue to be conditioned. All we can do is learn to spot when you are living as the conditioned you and as the real you so you can stay in alignment with the real you as much as possible.

Once you know the real you, you have choice. Are you going to align your goals with your values and who you are at your core? Or are you going to continue to let conditioning and subconscious patterns run your life?

What transformation can you guarantee? 

The only guarantee I give is that you will meet the real you when you work with me. What you do with the information after that experience is up to you. If you want me to help you face your truth and live in alignment as your true self, I absolutely will. If you want me to help you heal the subconscious patterns that are keeping you stuck living in a way that’s not authentic, I will jump at the chance to help using the therapy I’m qualified in. However, it’s your life, and it’s your choice. You have to actually do the work, so I can’t guarantee a transformation if you don’t put any work in. Simply knowing something doesn’t change anything. You have to apply it. I can support you in applying it but I can’t do it for you. I’m just using my gift of sight to help others see themselves and understand themselves better. There’s no false promises here.

How do you set me up for success in living as my true self? 


♥︎  Finding out your human design and ensuring you understand the basics of your chart and how it can help you.
Note: I don’t read human design charts. I am self-learned  from Rha Uru Hu’s teachings and human design guides and teachers, so if you want to study your design in detail, or get a reading I recommend finding someone you are aligned with who can do this for you. I simply use design as a tool to help you see who you really are.


✿ With 99% of people I recommend creating a bespoke morning routine just for you, to start reprogramming your brain to slow down and listen to yourself and what you need at the optimum time. This often involves meditation or simply silence. First thing in the morning is the MOST important time to tune in to yourself and what you need. It’s the time you have access to your beta brainwave state and are able to interrupt the subconscious patterns. If you don’t touch base with the real you the moment you wake up, you are more likely to power through your day as the conditioned version of you.


▲ If you wish to explore the self-limiting beliefs that are stopping you from being your true self, I use therapeutic exercises that tread the fine line between conscious and subconscious, bordering on hypnosis, and self-hypnosis, allowing you to gain access to parts of your mind that are usually unavailable to you.


☻︎ I will help you understand how your mind works, and the belief system you created as a child and carried with you, so you can start to make your mind work for you, not against you. My teachings come mainly from my studies with Marisa Peer, which combines theories of NLP, CBT, and neuroscience to create Rapid Transformational Therapy & Coaching.


✜ I provide worksheets, meditations, private journaling, session review forms and weekly accountability plans (all in one place on an app) to keep you motivated and help you explore your inner world and get to know yourself deeper than ever before, so you can get really clear on what you WANT.


◐ I help you challenge the truth of negative beliefs you hold, interrupt looping thoughts, and install new beliefs with future pacing and repetition. We usually do this through journaling, affirmations, and therapeutic exercises.


What are the benefits of your particular framework? 

Being a 6/2 emotional projector with a Left Angle Cross of Demands, my embodiment of my true self is the seer who provokes the truth, the role model who shows others the way. I am literally embodying the real me to guide you to the truth and awareness of the real you. I use human design to help me to guide you correctly based on your chart. I am also an energy healer, and that is interwoven into everything I do. The type of coaching I studied, Rapid Transformational Coaching, works with the subconscious mind, so I can help you free yourself of limitations. It’s a blend of therapy and coaching rooted in NLP and neuroscience that creates lasting change. Referring to your human design chart and using it to guide us in using RTC means I am literally studying YOU, your brain, your mechanics. I coach intuitively to help you uncover the real you. There is nothing about my coaching that is generic. As soon as you sign up to work with me you get 24/7 Access to everything you need in one place on my app which you download onto your phone or desktop and you can message me anytime you like within working hours, so questions and support is not limited to one hour of allotted time during the week. I have over 30 self-development resources in my library compiled of worksheets that help you self-reflect and get to know yourself better. You can choose to use these and avail of an accountability plan after each call if you wish. This just helps you structure your week and stay accountable with living as your true self. I always offer to create a bespoke morning routine with you that will help  rewire the pathways in your brain, allowing you to wake up as your true self everyday. All of this is optional and it’s up to you to do the work. The more work you do, the more results you see. My framework is based on years of trial & error, research, and experimenting with my design and living in alignment, and has been transformative for clients who put the work in.


Are you ready to meet the REAL you? 

This is for you if you feel the calling to…

◐ Slow down and pay attention to your inner world rather than your external one


◐ Explore your value system, belief system and your true nature deeply


◐ Start questioning whether you are living as your true self, or the self you were conditioned to be by everyone around you


◐ Start living with more awareness by tuning in to your values, human design, conditioning, and self-limiting beliefs


◐ Heal subconscious programming and start living consciously so you can begin to learn how to decondition


◐ Go deeper than ever before on your journey of self-discovery


◐ Learn to use your mind to work FOR you, not against you


◐ Invest in yourself and your inner peace


◐ Feel the full potential of your inner power, confidence, consciousness, and pure essence that is THE REAL YOU

To sum it up… 

You get my focused attention on the real you during weekly private coaching calls over 3 months via zoom, along with unlimited access to me via messaging. I will create weekly session review forms so you always have a record of your progress and insights that come up during the sessions. You get access to in-app resources including worksheets, exercises, accountability plans, audios & meditation, and a private reflection journal, all designed to help you get to know the real you. I’ll also offer to help you create a bespoke morning routine together to help you wake up in alignment every day.