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Reiki Energy Healing

Dr Usui Reiki

I currently only offer Reiki sessions in person in my office in Drogheda, Co.Louth, but I do infuse my healing gifts into coaching sessions with clients free of charge.

Energy healing can be done from any distance, anywhere in the world, as we are working with the energy body, not the physical.
☞ Your ‘energy’ consists of your emotions, your physical ailments, your thoughts, and your past. You are carrying all of this around with you every day. When it gets heavy, we need to clear the energy body of anything that is no longer needed. 
☞ I can scan your chakras (the energy centers in your body) and see where you are holding on to extra baggage, or where you are a little unbalanced. I can then use Reiki to balance your chakras and encourage your body to use the reiki energy to heal.
☞ Reiki energy is just another name for the life force energy that is all around us. It is not a different energy. Reiki is just the modality I use to help me guide the energy. Your body is extremely intelligent and will know how to use life force energy from mother earth to heal you, once I send a little reiki your way, and remind your body that it has access to this healing energy all the time.

☞ We are all capable of being healers on this earth. Some people awaken to that power in this lifetime, and some don’t. My goal is to remind you of your own innate power. I do not heal you. You heal yourself. I am simply a channel between you and life force energy.


What does it feel like to receive energy healing?

Most people report feeling extremely relaxed. Some clients have tingles, feel hot or cold, and some see colors or even their spirit guides in their mind’s eye if they are relaxing at the time. Other clients notice none of this but feel a shift afterward. The most common feeling is a general feeling of lightness, and an easing of stress and anxiety. 



What happens during an in-person session?

You will lie down on a massage bed, fully clothed, as I heal you with my hands. It can be done with a gentle touch, or without any touch at all, in which case I hover my hands over your body. I scan your aura and focus on your seven main chakras to rebalance them and clear away anything that is feeling heavy for you. Incense, sage, oils, and crystals will be used during the session to help further relax you. I will often offer a guided meditation to help you relax your mind. The aim is to totally relax your mind, body, and soul and encourage you to tap into your inner healing powers by connecting you to your inner world. Sometimes I do this by guiding you through visualization or meditation, but it is not necessary. I could send you Reiki as you are going about your day-to-day life.



How do you use reiki distantly with clients?  

If a coaching client is experiencing a mental or emotional block, it can be helpful for me to scan their energy body and see where that block is energetically. Often, we have thoughts and feelings that get stuck in our body in the form of energy. When we never express them, they can manifest into stress, illness, or anxiety. If a client has a limiting belief from childhood that is linked to a particularly painful memory, we might use reiki to help them move that energy out of their body easily and calmly. Once you heal something energetically, the symptom will subside in the emotional, mental, and physical bodies too, as they are all linked. 


You have life force energy running through you. Your body knows how to use this energy to heal any ailment in your mind, body, and soul. Sometimes, you just need a little help to remember that, and to remove your resistance to the truth of that statement.


Can Reiki help my anxiety? 

It is fantastic for all ailments, but especially mental and emotional ones like anxiety. The reason for this is that a reiki session with me will help you get out of your mind and into your body. Often, anxiety lives in the body but we don’t realise it. When you learn to switch your brain off and allow your body to take the drivers seat, it starts to naturally heal the things that are keeping you feeling anxious. You start to connect to your nervous system and feel what is going on. You experience what it is like to be present, and to feel the energies around you, and connect with a part of you that is resilient and powerful. Over time, and combined with therapy and medication, reiki has been known to be very successful at helping anxiety.



Can it heal physical ailments?

While you won’t walk into a Reiki session and suddenly heal your broken leg within an hour, it can certainly speed up the healing process. It reduces pain and stress in the body, which encourages healing. Studies have shown that reiki can even reduce post-operative healing time for patients. 

Are you ready to connect with your own powerful healing energy? 

Some things reiki can do for you…


◐ Reduce stress 


◐ Ease anxiety


◐ Speed up physical healing time 


◐ Reduce pain


◐ Promote better sleep


◐ Help you tune in to your psychic gifts


◐ Show you the power of your own body to heal itself


◐ Relieve you of baggage you have been carrying in your energy body for years


◐ Feel the full potential of your inner power, confidence, consciousness, and pure essence that is THE REAL YOU.