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Here's what my clients say


I came to Rebecca for coaching because I was not sure what my purpose is. I felt that I am stuck and blocked and not very sure what my next move is. Rebecca helped me to figure out what my main top 5 values are. I can now move forward keeping in mind these values and asking myself is what I am eating/doing in line with my values. Listening to “I am enough” audio is something I am still incorporating into my morning routine. The looping ladder is a good approach to dealing with negative thoughts and to replace them with something positive. It helps you to highlight the negative thought and helps you to stop letting the negative thought to spiral out of control so that you can feel a bit calmer when you replace it with a positive thought. The biggest insight I got was that I’ve been maybe been a bit too tough on myself which has not helped me to get closer to my goals. Going to take a few steps back and enjoy my time in Australia.I think I am still a work in progress and I am aware of the old habits. I am still working through them. The accountability plans helped me to stay focused and on track. It always felt good to have completed an activity/exercise. It was always nice to receive Rebecca’s weekly check-in messages. It felt that her support was always available and not just for our scheduled weekly sessions. I liked reading back over the reviews from each session as it would show how much we did and what we discussed. I would recommend anybody struggling with feeling lost to work with Rebecca. If you are someone who has tried working with counsellors and it did not work out because they made you feel like your issues are not serious enough, then I would recommend that you work with Rebecca.

Business Owner


Rebecca is just amazing. I contacted her in the last stage of coaching training to help me really become this coach. To be 100% sure of who I am and to confidently say ‘I am a coach’. I had a lot of resistance and imposter syndrome here. Rebecca’s coaching helped me to gain valuable insights that shifted my perception — even after only the first session. I did coaching and courses and so on before, but this was really different. It’s not just her techniques and approach (I know the techniques myself), it’s also just her. Rebecca is a highly intuitive person, who genuinely cares about her clients. She has the ability to gently guide people to their own wisdom. To hold space for them to discover layer after layer and make the next step into their new life. I can honestly say that after three sessions with Rebecca my life has changed forever. I have changed forever. She helped me to embody my new identity — without imposter syndrome and resistance, but with joy and clarity instead. I feel aligned. At some next stage or in other areas of my life these feelings might come up again. And I know exactly who I will turn to then. Rebecca is the best coach I’ve ever worked with and I can’t recommend her enough.

Mindset Coach


I contacted Rebecca because I was struggling with increasing my therapy prices. I am so happy I found Rebecca. She is an incredible RTC Coach. With her very powerful tools, together we recognized my limiting beliefs around this issue and changed them to more beneficial ones. Now, I no longer feel uncomfortable valuing my work and myself. I felt so safe during the session. I have increased my prices recently and I am absolutely happy about that. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone struggling with self-worthiness, lack of confidence, and really anything they feel uncomfortable with. Thank you, Rebecca. Meri K.



I would highly recommend 1 on 1 coaching with Rebecca. I only did one session so far and I’ve already learned so much about myself and I learned coping mechanisms to help me in day-to-day life. Rebecca set me little challenges, which I love. I felt a weight was lifted and that I had a clearer view of the road ahead. Can’t wait for my next session.

Holistic Therapist