Rebecca Thompson Coaching

Wake Up As You
Single Session

90 Minute Private Coaching Call

This is for you if you need some structured guidance on how to start slowing down your mind and paying attention to yourself, so you can begin to take your power back in your everyday life by waking up in alignment with the real you. 

We will create a bespoke morning routine together, so you can see for yourself the power of your mind. Usually my recommendations include a very short meditation, movement, or deep breathing. 

I will request your human design chart before the session so I’m ready to guide you based on your type, strategy and authority. 

When you set a new habit and stick with it for 21 days, it wires new pathways in your brain that makes it much easier to stick with it for good, because it becomes like second nature to you. I will also show you how to manage any resistance that comes up to deter you from sticking with your new habit

When we work together you get my aura fully focused on you during our call. 


Why do you use human design? 

Because I’m not just a coach, I’m a 6/2 emotional projector with desire motivation, and an incarnation cross that allows me to see how you’re not being true to yourself and to provoke change for the better. That means I see the real you. Human Design has helped me live in deeper alignment with who I am. My type is relevant, and so is yours, because I use it to coach you in the way that works best for you specifically. 

Knowing your human design type, strategy and authority can help you start observing when you are living consciously… becoming aware…. living in your design… as the real you, and when you are living in the persona of who you were told to be… letting subconscious programming and conditioning lead you.


What do you do?

I help you meet your true self, and start living as the real you more often. I help you start to decondition and unravel the subconscious programming that is keeping you living as your not-self. If you move quickly through your morning without taking the time to connect with yourself, it becomes more difficult to connect as the day goes on, because momentum keeps you heading in the direction of stress, and misalignment. I guide you to be true to yourself and your design, and less conditioned by who other people want you to be. When you see the real you, your life is automatically filled with much more drive, self-awareness, purpose, and meaning. 

One of the problems I see (that keeps people living their lives on autopilot as their not-self) is this constant need to keep busy. They jump out of bed in the morning already stressing about their to-do list and don’t take the time to start the day off mindfully. I don’t encourage you to set goals that feel unachievable to you, or give you another to-do-list, leading to you seeking external validation that never brings you inner peace. Instead, I like to focus on a slow-paced approach to setting you up to step into your power, and free yourself of the chains of subconscious negative programming, so you can start to live a life full of purpose. 

The morning routine we create together will SUPPORT your lifestyle instead of adding more work to it. My aim is for your new routine to make you feel more capable of getting through the rest of your day in alignment, with less stress,  anxiety, and limiting beliefs getting in your way.


How do you do it?  

I guide you according to your human design type, and using Rapid Transformational Coaching & Therapy to address any self-limiting beliefs that come up as you unravel who you are NOT, and become more of who you ARE.

What will this 90-minute coaching session give me?

◐ I will teach you the rules of your mind that are rooted in Neuroscience, so you can start to become aware of your own patterns

◐ I will share a tool I usually reserve for my therapy sessions and show you how to use it alone in future. This is a powerful way to stop negative or anxious looping thought patterns that get in the way of sticking with your new habit (Rapid Transformational Therapy tool) 

◐ I will show you a glimpse of the power of your mind by setting you up for success with creating new habits easily. We will create  a bespoke morning routine for you to use for 21 days so you can create a new habit that tends to your energy, so your mind has more peace throughout your day. 
Please note: If you wish to purchase a long-term coaching package afterward, I will honor the price of this session against it. In essence, this session is free if you decide to become my client.

To sum it up

The goal of this 90-minute coaching session is to prepare you to start training your brain to recognise when you ARE in alignment with your true self, and when you are `NOT in alignment. The best way to do this is to get in alignment more often, so you know what it feels like, and can notice the contrast. 

Over years of teaching, trial & error, and research, a morning routine is the single best way I have found to train your brain to stay aligned with the real you and move away from limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. 

A mindful morning sets you up for success for the day. The more you repeat your morning routine, the more neuropathways you create to make it a habit that you don’t need to put much effort into. As a result, it becomes more difficult for limiting beliefs and subconscious programming to hold you back. You are getting ahead of the day before it begins. 

Once you make a habit out of starting your day peacefully in alignment, it will be very clear to you when you are out of alignment, and you will be able to get back into alignment much more easily.